Current Projects

Learning Facility

Overcrowded classrooms

It is common for more than 4 students to share single desk.

Library and Storage

Lack of library and storage space.

Incomplete classrooms

Unfinished classroom need funds to complete.

Semi permanent wooden classroom

Old classes are still in use.

Dirt Floor Classroom

Dirt floor classes becomes dusty during warm seasons and muddy during wet seasons.

Dirt Floor Classroom

Congested, dirty, cold and noisy classroom. Hard for students to concentrate.

Sanitary Facility

Students eating without washing hands

There is only one tapwater source that is shared by over 700 students. To avoid the wait, most students end up not washing their hands before a meal.

Decommisioned pit latrines

Unsafe pit latrines are decomissioned without alternative. Boys do not have enough toilets

Boys pit latrines

Just a few latrines are shared by all the boys student in the school. Some of them do not have doors.

Sports Facility

Message from sports coach, also a teacher

Students playing soccer

Students using home made soccer balls.

Soccer balls donated by TFalls Foundation