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TFalls Foundation Inc. is a 501(c)(3) status charitable organization registered for the purpose of helping the less fortunate children and their surrounding community through support, education and imparting vocational skills.

TFalls Foundation is committed to improving the welfare of students in various deserving primary schools in Kenya one class at a time. We are currently focusing on Thiru Primary School located in Marmanet Location, Laikipia County. Thiru Primary School currently has about 700 students most from very poor families. Some classrooms and the toilets are in very poor condition.

Our goal is to improve the school facilities i.e. classrooms, bathrooms and provide uniforms. Unfortunately, there are many more schools in similar if not worse condition. Our plan is to help one school at a time.

Your Little Help Is Much

Vision: A safe transformed and self-supportive community
Strategy: Offer quality education and support to children at risk and the surrounding community along with empowering them through training and education to be self-supporting


Mission: To transform the lives of children at risk and their surrounding community through support and education.


Thiru Primary School located in Marmanet Location, Laikipia County in Kenya.

Learning Facility

Students in congested classes exposed to harsh conditions as a result of classes porous walls, dirty floors and old leaking roofs. This may lead to pupils contracting illnesses such as cold and whooping coughs.

Sanitary Facility

Poorly constructed pit latrines without running water for washing hands and cleaning.

Student Uniform

Some parents can’t affond new uniforms.


See our Photo Gallery for more updates.

Learning Facility - Front view

Two classrooms completed and ready to be used.

Learning Facility - From the back

Two classrooms completed. View shows the 2 new classes from backside.

Classrooms Furniture

Furnished lockers and chairs for the two new classrooms.

New Bathrooms

Construction of 16 bathrooms completed.

Girls Bathrooms

Girls bathrooms inside view.

Boys Bathrooms

Boys bathrooms inside view.

School Uniform - Torn uniform

Some kids had torn uniforms.

School Uniform - Torn uniform

Some kids had torn uniforms.

School Uniform - Donations

Provided 250 fleece jackets and sweaters for boys and girls and 250 shorts for boys. Uniforms were provided by The Uniform Project